5 Minecraft Gadgets in Real Life

I pick you to fight the pickaxe what awhat up is Chad wild clay ever since I started this ninja weapon series a tonof you guys have been requesting minecraft minecraft’ Chet do minecraftweapons okay I’ve heard you let’s do some minecraft up and summon by five ofthem test them out in real life here we go and the first minecraft weapon will betesting out is the diamond sword and being the most durable and powerfulsword in Minecraft it is preferred against bosses like ender dragon orwither okay now a sword made out of diamonds that would probably costmillions and millions of dollars.

So I don’t think we’ll be buying one of thosetoday but let’s jump online and see if we can find something similar Ohinteresting minecraft transforming sword and pickaxe for $23 and 18 cents so thisbecomes a sword or a pickaxe ending on how you hold it I guess since this isjust a toy though we need a real sword so let’s see if I can find a sword thatlooks kind of similar to the diamond sword huh Middle Ages broadsword andmatching scabbard you know this has kind of a similar shape to the diamond swordin.

Minecraft and about a similar length it looks like so I think this is gonnado the trick so let’s go ahead and order this as well here we go oh and somethingspecial came in the mail two day check it out try me okay how do I try pullfour sword push for axe so right now it’s a pickaxe as you can see pull foursword there we go so now this is the handle and now if Iwant a pickaxe I’ll push it forward Wow and then these pop out on the side allright I’ve got my diamond sword or do I have my diamond pickaxe we areconcentrating on the sword right now it’s made out of plastic it’s hardclassic but I don’t think it’s gonna do much against chopping some fruit so weneed a real sword good thing I bought one of those let’s go grab that realquick here’s that real sword.

let’s see what wegot here ooh nice look at this thing this is likea nice wood with metal inside of it at first I thought that was a pineappleand pineapple sword but I think it’s actually an eagle and the scabbard has ametal tip and the scabbard is made out of wood – check this sword out thoughhuh that’s a good-looking sword I’m digging this like gold little emblem inthe handle here it actually looks kind of mine crafty to me because it’s allsquarish and and blocky now it’s not sharp and I’m not gonna cutmyself tips pretty sharp so gotta be careful with that one but it’sdefinitely sharp enough to cut through some fruits.

I’ll bring this one out tooso you guys can see the difference here let’s go outside here we gooh wait a second I forgot that I need to become a Minecraft character I’m gonnabuy this minecraft Steve head adult mask for eight dollars and 79 cents I want tobecome Steve right that’s cool let’s order it here we go it’s theamazing Minecraft cardboard head I sure hope it’s amazing let’s open it up andbecome Steve oh I’m noticing that it didn’t come withany instructions I sure hope I’m smart enough to put this together and it kindof does all the work for you I think there we go let’s become a Steve one twothree scratch my nose now I’m ready to go outside let’s go my sword but now it’s a diamond swordwhat are you i am steve minecraft guy i’m minecraft Steve my trusty don’t youlove this sword isn’t it amazing you call it a sword.

Oh your sword dude thisno it’s a pickaxe but I don’t think this sword is gonna do a very good job ofcutting up fruit let’s see that sword be alright let’s see you I can open thisyou can do it you can do it I believe it’s kicking me alright enough ofbeating me let’s beat up some creepers huh here we go whoa Chad you shrunkbound what happened left shoulder I’m super tiny now oh wowand I’m wearing very girly jean shorts yeah oh he spoiled the effect I thoughtyou had these nicer legs and then I saw you in the frame and I’m like oh that’snot Chad Jeepers Creepers what are we gonna do weare going to see how you do versus the Minecraft sword we are gonna be using the GoPro on my chest so you guys can see what it looks like from my point ofview as I slice through mr. creeper here what do you know Pro what do you know.

let’s scrape it up alright here we go creeper really honestly didn’t think it wasgonna do anything I made that creeper look quite delicious mmm is it we have abite mmm oh you actually did it that’s reallygood you want some be slightly rotten and where’s the space that where’s hisface no there is oh so I just cut off the bottom half of his body he’s stillgood look at that oh yeah he’s still good still making thesame face so as I was shopping for that minecraftsword I stumbled upon this crazy long sword this sword is like taller than Vactually it’s huge so it’s thinking about buying this but I want you guys tolet me know if you want me to buy it so if you do want me to buy it give this video a thumbs up if this video hits oh how about we say 60,000 thumbs up I’mgonna buy this crazy long sword and chop up some stuff with it for you guys.

So let me know if you’ll me to buy it but let’s move on to the second minecraftweapon which is the axe the primary role of an axe is to quicken the collectionof wood and wood type blocks the most common type of crafted axe is probablythe iron axe as iron is a strong material that can be found in abundanceI think we should go forward the iron axe here let’s see what we can find herewe go the grain Tech’s CA 1754 whatever that means single bit camp X with14-inch Hickory handle this will definitely do the job of chopping upsome wood but actually we’re not gonna be collecting wood we’re gonna becollecting fruit ninjas lives right let’s order.

It can I ask you a questionno okay let’s check the axe out this looks a little bit different than whatwas online this has a black head instead of like the silver colored head uhoh it has a little protective covering here I don’t chop my finger off but Imight chop my finger off trying to get this protective thing off geez you knowwhat I think this is glued on you can see like hold some glue here orsomething that’s not cool I want to use the axe there we goI’ll get it there we go here it is Hey anyway back to the axe in black andsilver yeah that is sharp this is gonna chopthrough wood fruit emoji water villains sword up pretty much anything.

We wantI’ve heard of the existence of some minecraft creeper watermelons so let’sgo outside and chop some stone for the minecraft that’s like a real-axeit sure is be what you doing over there be just ask them questions Oh skinquestions excuse me you know I forgot to point outthat my buddy just moves behind the camera here this bump wake up be oh Iwill whop karate kick yeah what do you think gonna have a nice axe oh yeahum petite little axe white pasty nice no no no this is a black axe she wastalking about a different axe and birthing a decorator where is it likeglue I think that’s glue and glue yeah serves a purposemm-hmm it does the purpose is chopping up would get minecraft but we’re notgonna be chopping up wood today and we’re gonna be chopping up soda ninjasnow.

I gotta swing this really hard does this axe is not that sharp so we’ll seehow hard I can swing it here accent for trouble my pants guys oh I blame the soda ninjaon your pants yeah I got scared I got nervous you knowthe soda ninja was very intimidating look at that sliced him right open allright well let’s go back inside and get another minecraft weapon in the nextminecraft weapon we are testing is oh that reminds me to thank all you guyswho have clicked on that notification bell down below thanks for being part ofthe notification squad because that lets you get here quick and you can hang outwith me in the comment section after every upload I love reading your guys’scomments and I’m feature your guys’s comments as well at the bottom of thescreen at the end of every video so watch for those thanks for being hereand let’s get on to the next weapon which is the bow and arrowthe bow can be used to attack mobs assuming.

The player has arrows in theirinventory the bow is best used to take on mobs at a distance or wear swordattacks could endanger the player I’ll write a nice long-range weapon we canattack people from far away let’s jump online and see what we can findhey this looks familiar Crossman Elkhorn junior compound bow 30 dollars and 44cents I previously used this bow and arrow and it worked fantastic so whydon’t I instead of ordering it again why don’t I just go get it and we’ll reuseit here we go and we’ve got the bow and arrow just as a heavy duty bow arrow butit’s very lightweight it’s actually made for like youth like teens and stuff Ican’t remember what the ages were but it was pretty young I’m actually supposedto be too old for it and too big for it but I really liked the last time.

I usedit it comes with two arrows and it comes with like a holder of the arrows righton the bow itself so it’s easy access to those that’sreally cool and this thing works really well for shooting creeper watermelonsand those evil emoji water balloons so let’s go outside and fire this thing atsome of our enemies here we go look at me I’m Hawkeye oh no that’s the wrongvideo this isn’t a Marvel video alright whoa this is a minecraft minecraft’ whatabout your craft okay my craft no your prep track is just as important asMinecraft yeah your crafts just like Minecraft yeah so in my graph they douse a bow and arrow to shoot enemies far away like creepers are creepers thenames of the villains in Minecraft.

You actually you actually already saw thecreeper on our first weapon which we cut one up I work with creepers every day ohwait you call this work this is play that’s right some people call me Chadwild play but no so I think this is gonna be great for shooting into someemoji water village oh we got here got some emoji water ninjas so this guy isfilled with a blue liquid this one is filled with a red I tried to make it redbut we’ll see alright we’ll see how I guess we’ll see once they pop openalright alright I’ve got my bow.

I got my arrow I’m ready to shoot some emojislet’s do this yeah oh ho a little too hot well let’s givethat another try all right that was beautiful bye mr. emoji ninjalook at that water that was the red one for sure well let’sgo back inside and get another weapon in the next vine craft tool we aretesting out is the shovel is designed for blocks of dirt sand gravel snow andgrass when a block is destroyed by a shovel it will be left on the ground forany player to pick up they are very useful to have as they allow the playerto destroy some blocks faster and you know what kind of shovel I want to get Iwant that diamond shovel I don’t have millions of dollars so let’s just lookfor something that kind of looks like the diamond shovel from Minecraft.

Yes here we go let’s go group these items with these weird numbers and letterslet’s just little diggers Children’s Garden shovel little diggers that makesme think of like picking my nose or something yeah this actually has likethat blue head on it there which kind of looks like it’s made out of diamondlet’s order it and see how it performs the diamond shovel has arrived and I dosee why they call it little diggers now because tiny this big yes the colorthough the color is perfect I mean that looks like a diamond head right thereGarden shovel little diggers oh he’s digging up pumpkins how about that wellif we had any pumpkins we would definitely be digging those out thosethose ninja pumpkins but those aren’t in season right now we’re gonna save those for.

Halloween we’re gonna go and destroy some other fruit and just with thisthing though so let’s go outside and use this shovel in a method that most peopledon’t use shovels you know most people dig with shovels we’re gonna we’re to dosomething quite different let’s do this you know what this is Justin that lookslike a shovel what the huh what kind of shovel aMinecraft shovel yes but what what material is it made out ofI’m talking to my eyeball so you guys can see me that’s creepy lookingactually my eyes, my eyes, right now super introspective what can be seencan be heard think about that one so I was making I did know this is alittle fruity does get some pink eye shovel is it like a weapon can anybody guess.

What material this shovel head is made out ofI mean not an obvious it’s plastic leather you tap it yeah it’s a class inthe game what’s it made out of anybody kryptonite close the hardest substanceon Earth diamond yeah dump it right into the splash carry her over to the pooland he goes in the pool no we wouldn’t do that to you only toJustin yeah I would do this oh no you didn’t! Vy karate kick him for that. Splash! Save me Vy, I’m falling backwards. Save me save me! Oh she, she tried to push me in. direction were you going with ya she’spushing me oh my god let me see a little karate with that thing off course allright bring it on Steve tragic crowded the whole time he’s like it was likewho’s gonna win I don’t know all right let’s make it a little more fair of afight hop so how about.

I take this diamond shovel and you throw some fruitand hinges at me that’s a little more fairly rare meet your challengers so I’ma creeper I’m gonna scare a chat but I’ve got throw this to defend myselflet’s do it all right kind of a dud but let’s see let’s seehow mr. pepper survived oh no his I thought both of his eyes fell off andhis headband fell off let’s see you hit him pretty sorry I was trying to knowall right this bananas near death so I think I -just send him on his way you know Oh a little banana shampoo check out theshovel here lots of banana residue all over that look it right up no thank youno thanks everywhere see what’s left of mr. banana down here Oh he barelysurvived in fair – well no health at surviving ha ha ha ok he did not stirall right you win we better yeah diamond shovel beatsbanana let’s go back his head good anotherweapon in the next weapon wait a second you guys are like fidgets spinners tohave nothing to do with minecraft well I was just excited cuz.

I wanted to showyou guys this it is the CWC fidget spinner oh yeahit’s got an on both sides so guys these are now available to buy in my onlinestore which I’m gonna be showing you right here and I put a link to thisstore in the description below so if you guys want to get a chat while claypigeon spinner you’re supporting this channel and you’re getting a frickinsweet fidget spinner this thing spins for a very long time as well so anyway let’sget into the next minecraft weapon and you can’t do a Minecraft video like thiswithout the pickaxe I think I already have a pickaxe oh wait this is the swordbut it will turn into a pickaxe just by pushing this in there we go now we’vegot the pickaxe but we want to test out a real pickaxe right guys so let’s goonline and see what we can find ground breakers eight six one.

oh three againwith all these weird numbers mini pick for nineteen dollars and ten cents youknow I look I’ve been looking around online for a little bit here and this isactually the closest connection fine to what looks like the pickaxe I think yougotta actually be a real miner or something to get a real pickaxe so thatthis is this is gonna be pretty close I think pretty close so let’s go ahead andorder this and test it out the pickaxehave arrived full of bubble wrap here let’s get it out of the bubble wrap heythey sent me a cardboard pickaxe that’s not cooljust kidding it’s the mini pick groundbreakers landscaping tools so thisside is actually slide I was kind of imagining but then it also has this likebig flat blunt side here cool so it’s gonna wooden handle a nice green rubbergrip.

So I can hold it with two hands as I’m chopping things but wait I don’twant to chop with the flat side I want to chop with the sharp pickaxe side yeahand this is definitely made out of metal now I’m feeling like Steve fromminecraft now I just need to go slice up some some creepers with this thing rightlet’s go outside and have some fun oh it’s no diamond looks like solid diamondsolid diamond what millions of dollars oh wow is that how much it cost dividedthat by about a million and it’s closer oh don’t you love my pickaxe you got areal I only do real things well.

You know keep it real keep it real I prefer topick my nose and the pick my axe this is not gonna chop up fruit very well yoursis gonna do a better job so what do you you can use pointy and the sure so whydon’t we why don’t we take out a watermelon creeper and injustice whatside do you guys want me to use the flat side or the pointy side hmm hi YouTube alright let’s let’s creep itup with the pointy side let’s do it oh my gosh Justin come here the creeper isback and bigger Wow he grew up remember we chopped his legs off in thefirst weapon oh look how huge he is that happens it just makes them bigger itdoes does powerful good thing you’ve got the Minecraft pickaxe oh yeah I’m gonnasee.

if I can chop all the way through this side to the other side that’s gonnabe tough cuz he is huge it’s a long head yeah it is well now is not the time tobe picky oh so I pick you to fight the pickaxe let’s do itjeepers before get busy the creeper did that survive I’ll gethis insides yes this guy’s been smoking too much be cool stay in school don’t bea fool and don’t smoke wow-p and I had a crazy funny time doing the pancake artchallenge we actually made Minecraft pancakes and it was hilariousand,

We chopped up a bunch of those pancakes with these weapons you just sawso link down below to go check out that video over on Vy’s Channel but first Iwant to thank all of you part of the notification squad leaving these awesomecomments thanks for making me laugh leaving really nice comments and reallyfunny comments I like to feature you guys for shout out to all you guys downhere part of the notification squad leave in comments during the first hourof every upload now if you guys want to check out that video with me and beright there the pancake challenge it’s freakin hilarious check it out if you’renot subscribed to me go ahead and click right there if you’re not subscribed tome go ahead and click right there and if you want to see some other fruit ninjaweapons just joining some stuff you could check that video out right therealright I’ll see you guys real soon with brand new video okay yeah

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