8 Kitchen Gadgets put into Test

And today im going to put to the test 8 kitchen gadgets Hugo! You’re in my way I’m supposed to do videos right here He’s always all about videos For this kitchen gadget this is a chicken shredder Lets see what it does Every time I help Katherine cook We usually shred chicken With like two forks and it takes forever Just like that and, I take apart into little pieces And it’s just not really fun thing to do. It’s Takes a very long time So when I found this gadget we both got really excited. So what you’re supposed to do is put chicken right in here like that.

And stab it in there And then put this back inside of it And then turn it like this 1,2,3,4 5 This is actually feels so much fun, easy to use and boom look at that maybe i should use it a little bit longer maybe couple of circles this way, couple circles this way and let’s see and boom all the chicken is shredded that’s not bad kind of anyways now let’s put it in the plate right here wow look at that that’s a good job let me try this one more time with a bigger piece stick a chicken in here and close it then start shredding it wow this is a good job maybe like you gotta have to take it out make sure your hands are clean too and then maybe move it alittle bit and let’s try to do this again i like how the bottom sticks to the table so it’s really not slipping so i can really push it and boom look at that all the chicken is shredded.

This is awesome boom wow this is a good job look at that all the chicken is in little shredded pieces awesome guess what this chicken isn’t flavored i think i can feed it to Hugo because he is being so patient Hey! I didn’t even ask you to sit sit good boy Hey! don’t eat my hand he’s so cute good boy LUKE you want some chicken LUKE come on boy you want some chicken good boy eeeey huhuhahaha ehhehehehuh Hugo stole half of it ehehahahaha they both are stealing it Oh my God! this is so cute One more time hopefully they don’t eat my hand HAHAHAHAHA they are eating it all together HAHAHAHA tore it apart AAAH they are so cute good boy Let me show you another little thing he catches this in the air but if I do it do Hugo HAHAHA Hugo HAHAHAHA he’s so weak LUUKE LUKE he catches it so easily good boy But if I do it to Hugo hehehehahahaha It lands on his face first.

And then he tried to catch it Hugo! Hahahaha Again… Okay, Hugo catch He’s getting better at this. There is a good motivation to catch it For the next gadget, I’ve got another meat shredder, Let’s see how it works Look, You open this up, And then we are going to drop a chicken right here, And then you stab it, and then I guess you shred it like that Oh that’s cool. I guess it works, Works pretty good actually. You know what? I like this one too. But yeah, the idea is to probably go like this, go inside together, And, shred it apart. And as you can see, It does the job really well!

Way better then two little forks, You get two big forks! Look, and take all the meat so it is easier to swallow I can just keep going and as you can see, I’m getting this in even smaller chunks. And one more, meat shredder I have got Is right here, that’s looks like a Wolverine That’s funny. UUURRRGGGHH That’s like a weapon at the same time. But, let’s see if it is comfortable to use or not. Got here another chicken, And let’s see. Maybe I should use it this way? Actually you’re probably supposed to use it this way, But, it looks way cooler this way. So let’s start. You know what? This is not bad.

This is actually cool… Look at that! It’s shredding it really well! I like it, way better than using two forks. Honestly, I like this is Way better than that fir- the second one I mean First one is like the best. Chicken shredder I think this one I am going to use for the most part from now on. But yeah, Wow look at that, And of course, if you want to shred it even more, you just keep going. Play around like this, Keep stabbing that and shredding it apart, And you gonna get even smaller pieces. You know what? I like this layout too. Plus it’s a cool weapon as well. It’s only plastic though, it’s not metal.

For this gadget, I got a couple of soda handles, It makes a cup out of a soda can, Let’s check this out! I got two sizes here, regular and large. Here is a Coca-Cola can, Standard Coca-Cola can, Put this on here, and then, slide the bottom in. Boom! And it locks in, And now I’ve got myself, A Coca-Cola can mug. I love that! If you like these big things, like that, *Drops* You can do same thing but with a large, Holder Boom! Locks in, Good to go, look at that. You have this big mug, BIG CAN MUG I love these things a lot, ‘Kay let’s try it out and see if it is comfortable, Oh YEAH, Definitely very comfortable, To drink it, First of all, you look really cool, Second, in the summertime, you’re not holding your drink. So you’re not warming up your soda can this way, This is really cool, Dual purpose, that’s for sure. For this gadget I got here, Ten blade slicer That’s so cool let’s try it out See if it actually works.

Let’s say we need to slice a tomato, We go like this: Oh my gosh it’s bending so much, I don’t know What do you guys think? *sigh* And boom! Actually, it works pretty good. And now we have Tomato slices. Um. For the bottles, Same concept, but for the bottles, Let’s see if they fit. I got here red and blue, I’m going to try out the blue one. Put it in like this, And Boom! Wow! This is really cool! I like that! Very comfortable for sure! Okay, let’s see if it works, Wow, now we got ourselves a bottle mug, Super cool, And keeping the beverage cool by not warming up with our hand.

Like that a lot. Summer’s coming so This Gadget will be useful really soon, If you buy a whole pack of soda, Usually its sold room temperature And you come home and you really want a cold soda, Especially when you are at a pool party and all your soda is warm. No problem! And here is the gadget. Turn it on, and it spins, What you’re going to do, Is stick it like that, and if we spin it, Woah! That’s so cool! So now we are going to stick it in the ice, And then we are going to spin it, Wow, that’s so cool Okay, now it is at 67 degrees The room temperature a really warm soda. Wow it feels really cool, Let’s see if it actually got colder, Wow, look at it, 55 degrees, 54. You know what? It does work.

You know what? Wow, in just two minutes It tastes like it’s a really chill Coke I like that a lot, really cool. For this Gadget, I got here Ice tray, Not just regular ice tray, It has some trick up the sleeves. Let me show you what they are, So boom! You froze the ice, And sometimes you’ve gotta turn it this way, To crack the ice And most of the times, the cubes flying out And just fall on the floor. To avoid this mess, all you have to do with this gadget, Just pull it, look at it there is even a, Arrow pointing this way. Pushes this way, and it fall out Wow that’s so cool Boom, And all the ice falls out really easily. So cool. Look at it. Jumping out, wow! This is so cool! Genius. I like this a lot. Alright guys that is pretty much it, Let me know in the comments below which gadget was your favourite, Don’t forget to give this video a Thumbs up Thank you for watching, And I’ll see you next time

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